“ananas is a luxury fashion label which is inspired by all things pretty, feminine and affordable. All of our products are curated for the everyday woman.”


My story

A native karachite Sidra Shaikh is the brain behind ananas, she started her journey for ananas in October, 2018, with the aim of making it one of the top brands in loungewear industry, with beautifully designed loungewear line, providing you comfort and convenience, all in one. She is just not pushing new pajama trends but also empowering women to stop feeling shame about their everyday pajama wearing and just embrace it.


My brand

 “My brand is an extension of me, and I will always be mission driven for ananas, which means inclusivity and having something for everyone. And there’s nothing better than a piece of loungewear which plays fashion and gives comfort at the same time” – Sidra Shaikh

Nothing is as versatile, classic and effortless as a pair of ananas pj’s. Pair it with your sneakers or flip flops for walk along. Wear it to your girl’s night out or simply in a bed to spend a lazy day. Look and feel beautiful with our pajamas that are way too pretty to just wear to bed. Let’s live the ananas way. #livingananas


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